Technical Support

MV Foundation is committed to the goal of eradicating child labour in India. The Foundation’s success in the field over the past few decades has inspired similar organizations to adopt MVF’s model. MV Foundation provides technical support to these organizations in the following ways:

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge is a powerful tool. MV Foundation shares insights gained from its experience in combating child labour with delegates from across the world in hopes of making the world a safer place for children everywhere.

Field Visits

MV Foundation conducts the following field visits to various elements of the program to provide delegates with the opportunity of assessing the model for themselves. The field visits consist of the following modules:

1. Visits

● The Residential Bridge Course Camps to understand of their role
● Social welfare hostels, Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV)
● Child labour free village

2. Interaction

● Gram Panchayat and the community
● Government officials at different levels – the mandal, district and state
● Teachers’ Unions
● Trade Unions
● Child Rights Protection Forum members
● MVF RBC alumni
● Children who have graduated from the RBC and are currently in mainstream schools

3. Participation

● CRPF meeting

Proposals by Delegates

The delegates from various countries are encouraged to create proposals for models that are suitable for their home nations based upon their experiences with MV Foundation.