MV Foundation’s success can be attributed to the work carried out by the organization’s interns. MV Foundation’s Internship Program is open to students across the world. Simply fill out the form on this page to apply.

Internship Structure

The unique structure of the MVF internship ensures that all stakeholders, from the intern to the Foundation, obtain value from the experience. Interns will be given the opportunity to conduct research on a mutually agreed upon topic during the extent of their association with the organization.

Our interns have conducted studies on a variety of topics, including The Politics of Negotiations: MVF and Multinational Corporations on Child Labour in Cotton Seed Fields by Yumi Lifer and Domestic Child Labour – A Critical Analysis of Legal Instruments in their Protection by S. Sri Ruma.


1. Is this a paid internship?

MV Foundation will not be able to provide support, monetary or otherwise, for transportation, accommodation, documentation or for the work carried out. It will provide volunteers with a wealth of opportunity to expand their horizons and invaluable hands-on experience.

2. I am interested in working with MVF, but do not speak the local language. Can I still apply?

Yes. Our association with interns from countries across the world, such as the US, Canada and Japan, has demonstrated that language is not an insurmountable barrier and have gone on to accomplish great things.

Scope of Work

MVF Interns have the opportunity to perform in the following tasks:

● Documentation of case studies of former child labourers
● Compiling profiles of villages which have become child labour free zones
● Research with parents, employers, communities who have released children from work and sent them to schools
● Statistical analysis of current status of children in and out of schools

For further details and information on internship opportunities, feel free to reach out to us.

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"I have seen a place where children get back their dignity."

− Steffen Welzel, Germany

"I am very much pleased to be part of the group which visit this camp today. I have learned the commitment and hard work of MVF in liberating working children from labour. My visit will help me in assisting similar children in my country. Thank you for giving us a chance to see your work and the inspiration you created for me. God bless you and our work."

− Meseret Tadesse, Ethiopia