Enabling Implementation of the Right to Education Act

Project Area: Marpally Mandal, Ranga Reddy District | Timeline: 2012 – To date.
The programme focusses on preparing school management committees, gram panchayats and the education department to comply with all the provisions of the RTE Act (2009) with active involvement of community.


In order to ensure that every child enjoys her right to education, MVF took up the issues of out of school children and the challenges they confront to come to school. This include child labour, child marriage and child trafficking. It has also focussed attention on arresting school dropouts through active participation of School Management Committees and the gram panchayats. It covers 12000 children in 35 villages of Marpally mandal.
It conducted door to door campaigns against child marriages, established Child Rights Protection Forums, held rallies marches and public meetings, set up Right To Education Protection Committees, oriented gram panchayat on child rights, formed a Teachers Forum for Child Rights.

| Donor: HIVOS

Project Updates

  • Project reaches out to 12000 children, 48 Govt. schools and 8 Govt. social welfare hostel
  • 1500 community members oriented on child rights and child marriages
  • 150 community persons prepared as resource persons for protection of child rights
  • 656 out of school children mainstreamed to schools
  • 11 child marriages stopped.


promoting formal education-C

Ensuring Quality in Education

40 parents from Rudraram were urged to test their children’s academic levels after a visit by the CRPF. Upon testing, the parents discovered that the quality of education was poor. This result was shared with the MEO, who agreed to ensure improvement in the quality of education and infrastructure.

promoting formal education-C

Head Teacher Warned

The head teacher of the school in Gundlamarpally, Marpally had gone on leave without applying for leave or informing anyone. This issue was taken to the notice of the MEO, who warned him that a notice would be issued, if he persisted in such behaviour. The situation has improved.

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