Elimination of Child Labour through Universalisation of Education

Project Area: Dornipadu Mandal, Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh | Timeline: Since 2011
This programme focusses on child labour in cotton seed farms in Kurnool district of the State of Andhra Pradesh, and builds capacities of the gram panchayats to address child rights issues. The interventions also include mobilising children to school, improving learning levels to ensure quality of education while working through the teachers’ unions.


The programme reached out to 3900 children in 17 villages through a campaign against child labour especially in cotton seed farms and prevention of migration of children to other villages for work. Initially household survey of children was conducted and in the process all those likely to be allied for the cause of children’s right to education were identified. They were formed into Child Rights Protection Forum and given orientation on laws relating to children. The cotton seed companies as well as the farmers growing cotton were also contacted and were given orientation and training on children’s right to education and the labour laws.
School teachers were contacted and given orientation on their role to abolish child labour. More than 75% of school teachers in the area are now actively participating in protecting children and their right to education.

| Donor: GEW Foundation

Project Updates

  • 30 farmers declared their farms as child labour free
  • Summer schools conducted in ten villages for all children
  • 17 Gram Panchayats taking an active role for curbing of migration of children.


promoting formal education-C

Child’s Right to Education Is Successfully Protected By The Community

10-year old T. Jayalakshmi from Govindinne was withdrawn from Class 3 in 2001, as her alcoholic father was not in favour of her education. The village elders and the organizers went on an intensive special drive, which was successful in changing the father’s mind.

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Community Proves That Education Begins At Home

12-year old Orvakanti Nirmala from Govindinne had dropped out of school and was working as a seasonal wage labourer. A team of 8 organizers discovered that Nirmala and her younger sister were being abused by their stepmother. The team, with the help of the locals, ensured that Nirmala was sent to a KGBV.

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