Education for Girls in 15-18 Years Age Group

Project Area: Gujarat and Telangana | Timeline: 2014 – To date
The programme has two components. The first is to provide technical support to ‘Shaisav’, an NGO working in Bhavnagar on dissemination of the MVF model. The second component is to follow up on adolescent girls who have dropped out of school in classes 9 and 10 and give them a second chance.


A resource person from MVF has been deputed to ‘Shaisav in Gujarat to facilitate their programme for community mobilisation designing training programmes for all stakeholders and developing tracking mechanism for the children in the bastis.This has been followed up with other field visits by experts from MV Foundation to Shaisav.
In Ranga Reddy District 92 girls who have dropped out of schools have been identified and they were motivated to join the tuition classes. 52 of them joined the classes against all odds as most were already married and a couple of them have children.
MVF also is making preparations to conduct a study of challenges faced by adolescent girls (first generation learners) in the 15-18 years age group who have survived upto grade 12. This is to understand the positive aspects that have given her the strength to overcome the barriers and continue with education. The study would also give an insight into the significance of various government schemes and programmes that foster girls education.

| Donor: Stichting Charity Fund Rijsholt

Project Updates

  • 32 girls passed the class 10 examination and the other girls who cold not complete have been prepared for supplementary examination.
  • The preparatory work for conducting the study in terms of finalizing the questionnaire and identifying the colleges in Telangana has been completed.
  • All trainings for the SMCs and other stakeholders have been completed in Bhavnagar, Gujarat.


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Fighting Exploitation, One Child At A Time

The Head Teacher of a school in Holagunda Mandal withheld a large portion of the Inspire Award money granted by the Government from the student it rightfully belonged to. This issue was pursued by youth volunteers until the MEO agreed to ensure that the remaining amount of Rs. 3,000 would be relinquished to the student.

promoting formal education-C

Educating Children by Educating Parents

14 year old Mallikarjuna, from Halaharivi mandal, was forced to withdraw from school after Class 6. MVF volunteers, along with the boy’s Drawing Teacher, pursued the issue with Mallikarjuna’s parents and counseled the family on the importance of education until they relented to let their son resume his studies.

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