Residential Bridge Course Camp for Girls at Hyderabad

Project Area: Bandlaguda, Saidabad, Secunderabad and Musheerabad and other slums covering 7 mandals at the city of Hyderabad  | Timeline: 2008 – Till date.
MVF’s Residential Bridge Course Camp is focussed on girl children who are working as domestic child labour, engaged to work in household industries in the informal sector,rag pickers, construction labourers, street children and so on. These children constitute the hidden and invisible children of the urban population. The programme has shown that children can be motivated to go to schools even in an urban setting living under very difficult circumstances.


The project identifies girls and boys who are out of school living in the slums of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. The MVF volunteers convince parents through a continuos process of contact with the families and motivate them to join the residential bridge course. Boys are sent to programmes conducted by other NGOs. MVF also collaborates with the labour department to release children engaged as domestic child labourers working in apartments and housing colonies. In this process it also networks with the police, education and social welfare departments. The print media and television channels have also been contacted by MVF and they played a very big role in creating publicity and awareness against employment of domestic child labour.

|Donor: Broadridge

Project Updates

  • The programme reaches out to 18000 children from 127 slums, 115 govt. schools and 22 social welfare hostels
  • A Residential bridge course camp for girls is established in the city for rescue and rehabilitation of child labour. So far 587 girls in the age group of 7 – 14 have been mainstreamed to govt. schools through the camp
  • 200 residential apartments, 600 shops and establishments declared child labour free
  • 48 children who underwent trauma of child marriages joined the camp and were motivated to continue with their education.
  • 300 children availed camp facility for a short time and got enrolled in local schools
  • 164 children mostly girls released from domestic child labour and sent to rehabilitation centers
  • More than 300 girls secured seats in hostels
  • 78 girls mainstreamed through the camp are pursuing higher education.


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Minor Rescued From Life As A Maid

7-year old Geetha from the Lambada tribe was employed as a domestic help in Jala Vayu Vihar, Lower Tank Bund Road. This issue was escalated to the SI of Police, who involved the press in order to free the girl from her employer. Geetha was taken to an MV Foundation camp and later transferred to the CWC authorities in Kachiguda.

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Community Proves That Education Begins At Home

Jamula, a 15-year old Class 8 dropout lived with her family in Mahabubnagar Huts in Musheerabad Mandal. She was denied education by both her father as well as the Head Teacher of the local school. MVF Volunteers followed up with her case and ensured that she was successfully re-enrolled in school.

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