Quality Improvement in Primary Education in Nalgonda District.

Project Area: Nalgonda District | Timeline: 2010 – Till date.
The project is being implemented in 226 government schools across 9 mandals of the district with focus on improvement of quality of education in schools. MVF volunteers facilitate the linkages between the school functionaries (teachers) and the headmaster with the district and state level training institutions of the government.


Through the programme children’s committees are formed in every school and are trained to give a feedback to the school teachers on classroom activities; libraries are set up in all the government schools encouraging children to borrow books, read them at home and discuss the book in the classroom; co-curricular activities such as games are introduced with active participation of the school teachers; subject teacher forums have been formed to create a platform for enhancement of professional skills of teachers who come together to develop innovative methods for teaching in the classroom; Resource persons from State Council for Education Research and Training and the district education office give periodic trainings and orientation to the school teachers; SMCs and gram panchayats monitor quality improvement in schools; and continuos comprhesive evaluation of each child is being facilitated in all the schools.

Donor: Axis Bank Foundation

Project Updates

  • Project reaches out to 20000 children studying in Government schools
  • Facilitated setting up of 226 libraries in Govt. schools
  • Children attendance rates increased from 70 % in 2010 to 85% in 2013
  • Around 1000 children shifted from private to Govt. schools
  • Remedial coaching classes conducted for children in 200 schools.
  • Subject teacher forums with four hundred teachers formed for quality improvement in schools.
  • 900 children committees formed in 226 schools
  • 211 SMCs and 55 Gram Panchayats monitoring the programme of quality improvement in schools

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