Strengthening of Existing Systems for Prevention of Child Marriages

Project Area: Achampet and Ambradbad Mandals in Mahboobnagar District and Thorur and Rayaparthi Mandals in Warangal District, Telangana | Timeline: 2012 – 2015
MV Foundation considers child marriage as a violation of human rights. In the process of getting children to schools it encountered several instances of girls getting married by the time they were 12 years old. Therefore it felt that a focussed attention on child marriage utilising the Prevention of Child Marriage Act (2006) would help in prevention of child marriage and also punish those who abet, promote or solemnize such marriage in accordance to the law. The interventions include strengthening existing systems to prevent child marriages. All district officials responsible for prevention of child marriages are involved through convergence meetings and synergizing their efforts.


The programme involved creation of awareness among communities against child marriages and also the Prevention of Child Marriage Act (2006), preparation of purohits and priests against child marriages, strengthening of child marriage prevention committees, holding of kalajathas and cultural campaigns.

| Donor: HAQ

Project Updates

  • Project reaches out to 5675 children of whom 2000 are adolescent girls
  • 50 priests and purohits became anti child marriage activists
  • 618 Govt. officials trained in building consensus among communities for prevention of child marriages
  • 1175 child rights protection forum members prepared for protection of child rights
  • 3000 adolescent girls oriented in schools and colleges on child marriage
  • 53 child marriages out of 93 identified could be stopped.