Program for Enrollment and Retention of Children in Schools in Vulnerable Areas

Project Area: Mahbubnagar District, Telangana & Dhanora Block, Gadchiroli District, Maharashtra | Timeline: April 2014 – March 2018.
MVF’s intervention in these areas is to build support of community through a process of social mobilization to enroll all children in schools particularly from areas of neglect in Mahboobnagar district, Telangana and civil unrest in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra.


MVF started this project to enroll and retain at least 15,000 out-of-school children from areas of neglect and civil unrest over a period of four years.

The project also provides for residential bridge course camps to be run in both the states.

| Donor: Jamshedji Tata Trust

Project Updates

  • MVF has begun establishing contacts with local youth, members of gram panchayat, women’s groups and local officials. It is currently planning to conduct a baseline survey of all children in the 0 to 18 years age group in the project area.


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Crackdown on Errant School Employees

The midday meal worker at PS Pothugal, Shabad Mandal had not been serving the required two eggs a week. She distributed rotten eggs on some occasions and was indifferent to authority. The SMC drafted a resolution and had her removed.

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Not All Marriages Are Made In Heaven

Waddera Maheswari, a 15-year old student of Class 10 from Seetarampur, Shabad mandal was withdrawn from school and in line to be married against her wishes. A team went to the girl’s house and warned her parents. The wedding was finally called off.

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