Fellowship for Protection of Child Rights

Project details: 1. Two Fellows work for monitoring child rights, mainstreaming children into schools and ensuring 100% retention in schools in Ranga Reddy District, Telangana | Timeline: 2013 – To date.
2. One Fellow from MVF provides technical support to ‘Manjari’, an NGO working in Bundi district, Rajasthan. Bundi district is famous for cobble making. This is an industry which employs children in the supply chain financed by MNCs. The intervention seeks to prohibit child labour in this industry and mobilises community support to influence the companies not to engage child labour. | Timeline: 2013 – To date


The fellowship program of MV Foundation is to support and encourage volunteers who work on the ground for rescue of child labourers and victims of trafficking or abuse, malnutrition and so on from a rights based perspective. A rights based perspective is based on the principle that it is the responsibility of the State to respect and guarantee rights of children. It is in this perspective that volunteers mobilize communities and create an atmosphere in favour of children’s rights. They also engage with the State and its institutions to deliver services for children. Some of those who volunteer full time for the cause of protection of child rights will be encouraged through the fellowship programme. MVF will share the experiences of such fellows with other stake holders and hold government accountable.

Scope of Work

    – Involvement of Gram Panchayats and the community in getting every child into schools in their respective Gram Panchayats. Preparing local bodies such as the Gram Panchayats to monitor status of children as well as schools and Anganwadi centers.
    – Facilitate community participation in establishing and repairing of schools, and in compliance with RTE Act.
    – Facilitate strengthening of Anganwadi centers for children in 0-6 age group.
    Undertake community mobilization for abolition of child labour and gradually involve youth in taking up responsibilities.
    – Preparation of the community through actions of School Management Committees to constantly interact with the schools, at the local level and take up unresolved issues at the next level ( Mandal and District).
    – Collaborate with NGO’s, CBO’s and train them to petition to the government for improvement in delivery of services.