Distribution of Shoes

Project Area: Ranga Reddy District, Warangal, Mahboobnagar and Hyderabad in Telangana and Kurnool District in Andhra Pradesh | Timeline: June 2009 – to date
TOMS shoes USA has a policy of “one for one” that is for every pair of shoes they sell, they give one free for children in need all over the world. MV Foundation has joined TOMS to distribute over 2,75,000 pairs of shoes till date and are continuing the program.


Tom’s shoes has donated over 2,75,000 pairs of shoes touching 5,50,000 feet. A simple act of giving shoes to all school children studying in government schools in all classes for all age groups and all communities as exemplified the values of universality and togetherness, dignity and freedom, democracy and equality. Every step of the process of giving shows care and thoughtfulness. It was much appreciated by one and all in the village. School teachers to thought it was a great programme as they new that children deserved schools – they have seen how their students get hurt, have sores and have cracks in their feet and are in pain for want of shoes. Many a sarpanch, local representatives as well as the police distributed socks. Because the shoes arrived, it is so heartening to see children with tucked shirt, tie and a proper school uniform, neatly combed hair while going to schools. Such dignity they carry. Villages after villages are proud that their children had shoes.
| Donor: Tom’s Shoes

Project Updates

    • 32 girls passed the class 10 examination and the other girls who cold not complete have been prepared for supplementary examination.

    • The preparatory work for conducting the study in terms of finalizing the questionnaire and identifying the colleges in Telangana has been completed.

    • All trainings for the SMCs and other stakeholders have been completed in Bhavnagar, Gujarat.